Mechanical Mod Tauren Max

First of all, we would like to thank for sending us this great Tauren Max mechanical Mod. Product purchase link

We speak of the mechanical Tauren Max Mod, this mod is made of brass and has compatibility with batteries 18650/21700/20700 and has a hybrid head of 24mm.

We can say that it is a quite elegant mod, to the naked eye on the front we find the Tauren logo very characteristic of him, underneath a screenprint of Tauren max and in the upper part the manufacturing number.

One of the novelties that this new model of Tauren brings us is the push button since it is totally new and they add a safety lock.

In the back, we see that it has a curved shape that will facilitate the handling of the device, as well as being very ergonomic.

Touch talks about the button, this button, unlike the first edition, it has no walls, which facilitates the central and lateral pulsation.

The blocking system is very simple since only turning around we can block it, as well as being very safe.

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To disassemble the button we need a specific key that brings us, if we pay attention to the front of the button, we see that it has two small holes, which just fits with the key that brings us.

We just have to go around until the rock comes out, we see that between the rock brings an insulator, to avoid false pulsations, since the contact with the battery is in the central part.

Once we remove the thread from the central part, we see that in reverse there is a silver sphere for greater conductivity and inside the keypad we find the spring.

Inside the push button we find four pieces of silver just as together they make the circular shape of the button with a space so that the ball on the back of the button creates a contact, which is the activator of the vapor.

Now I leave you more in detail its characteristics:

Compatible with 18650/20700/21700 batteries Silver 
ball contact and button lock 
Full wire contact with low voltage drop 
Waterproof shockproof / dustproof

Size: 26 × 95 (mm) 
Upper diameter: 24mm 
Material: Brass 
Thread: Hybrid connection 510

And finally thank again for sending us this great mechanical Mod Tauren Max. Product purchase link

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I hope it is useful, a greeting and THANK YOU!


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Wall Decals For Living Room

So, you want to decorate your living room and make it look fun and sophisticated. Well, wall decals for living room will definitely help you achieve that in a dramatic way.

Fast and easy to use, quality wall decals made by professionals is guaranteed to bring a big smile to your face and big smiles to the faces of your family and guests.

There is no doubt that wall decals will make your living room look unique and interesting. While there are other decorative materials that you can use, most experts will always tell you to go for wall decals as your first choice when it comes to decorating your living room. But why is this so? There are so many reasons why wall decals for living room are preferred by home owners and experts alike. Let us look at some of these reasons.

1.Wall decals are easy to use

Wall decals are extremely easy to use as compared to other decorative items available in the market. They can be placed easily and quickly on any smooth surface. They can easily be placed on the walls of the living room within no time. They can also be placed on any other thing that has a smooth surface. For instance, you can place them on your mirror, windows, desks, and doors, or any other think within the living room.

Vinyl Wall Decals Pencil
Wall Paper Sticker

2.Easy to remove

Wall decals for living room are not only easy to place, but are also very easy to remove. You can easily remove wall decals without damaging the surface where they had been placed. They never leave any sticky residue behind. This means that you won’t have to spend money painting the surface or repairing the spots where the decals had been placed.

3.Can be repositioned multiple times

Wall decals are a choice of many for decorating living rooms because they can be repositioned over and over again. You can remove them from one surface and place them on another surface without damaging them or damaging the surfaces in which they are placed. If you had placed them on one side of the wall, you can easily remove them and reposition them on the other side of the wall or on your doors or windows.

4.Are economical

Living Room Wall Decor 3D Acrylic
Living Room Wall Decor 3D Acrylic

Wall decals are not only inexpensive to buy and to use, but are also very economical. The fact that they can be repositioned over and over again makes them very economical as you won’t have to buy new ones every time. Another thing that makes them economical is the fact that they don’t cause any damage to the surfaces they are placed on. So, you won’t be spending money on repair or repainting those surfaces.


Wall decals for living room are available in a wide variety of designs. No matter how unique your living room looks, there are designs for virtually any living room’s theme. Make your living room a special place to relax and have a good time with your favorite wall decals.

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Vapefly Pixie RDA Preview

Frankly, I longed for this meeting, so to speak, I was looking for her. I have a special passion for single-stranded taste drips, and today my guest is a bright representative of this “class,” namely, the class is a special caste, you know? Yes, okay – just kidding, however, in every joke there is some joke … 

Vapefly Pixie RDA 
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
Case material: stainless steel Atomizer 
type: RDA 
Capacity: 1.8ml 
Diameter: 22mm 
Height: 24.5mm with Drip type / 18mm without Drip type 
Connector: 510, pin gold-plated 
Weight: 22g 
Color: see photo below 
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
Package contents 
– Pixie RDA 
– 2pcs pre-wound spiral Ni80 0.35Ω
– cotton- “string” 2pcs 
– replaceable blow-out nozzle 2pcs (one is preinstalled) 
– Allen 
key – key-screwdriver 
– spare eringing 
– spare screws 
– skvonk pin 
– user manual 
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
I can not but say about the packaging – I always praised the guys from Vapefly. The box has everything to launch the novelty immediately after unpacking. Bravo – all manufacturers to take as an example.

I liked the exterior of the dripka even at the first photo – neat, not “defiled” by the excessive decor, except that the inscription on the side somewhat dilutes the strict, but smooth, appearance. In the upper part, our hero has a gradual narrowing, several radiators, and a rather organic drip type. In short, you already understood what I liked. I summarize this way – the appearance is modest but attractive. 
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
Dimensions are very small – it is literally a thimble. This can be attributed to both advantages and disadvantages. This is because on most mods such a thing looks small, you will need to carefully select a “partner” for it.
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
Drip type is made of dolrin, landing 510th. The inner diameter is 7mm, at the base, there is a slight narrowing. This friend copes with condensate at times, I quite liked him in his work. Moreover, its height is sufficient for comfortable soaring, but more on that later. 
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
Next on the list is the top cap, it is already made of metal, and quite thin. The ensemble is crowned with a radiator made of plastic, it seems to be fixed, but the drip type sits in its metal part. Internal processing is like spherical, however, such it is not the entire length of the tip of the dome, but only around the mine. Plus, there is a slight elevation closer to the center, in order to prevent unwanted leakage of liquid or condensate to the outside when turning the drip – cool.
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
At the base, there are two openings for air intake. One oblong, 8 x 2 mm in size. The second has a rounded profile, its diameter is 2.5mm. Kept top cap on one orange, its density is excellent – the most it. Adjusting the air supply is achieved by rotating the top cap relative to the side skirt, risks are provided for convenience. 
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
The side skirt does not sit still without the deck, thanks to the keys, although, admittedly, a small “play” (left and right) takes place. In the appropriate place can be seen as a hole for the side blowing, into which interchangeable nozzles will be inserted.
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...

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One of them is completely open, and the other is divided into three holes with a diameter of about 1.8 mm. The nozzles sit in principle tightly, but still, I would advise to being more careful with them. They are also removed without any problems – the developers even provided a recess on the inside of the side skirt for convenience. Inside the drip, the nozzle cannot fail – there are special keys. Made of plastic inserts, like the material from which the insulators are sculpted. 
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
These blowers direct the air at an angle to the deck, the angle is probably almost 45 degrees. Plus, the exit holes are close to the intended helix due to the thickening of the side of the skirt.

The delay turned out to be tight, but looking ahead, I would say that apparently, this is one of the moments that has a positive effect on the taste. With a wide nozzle, it becomes a little easier, but in general, it still remains tight. However, most single-stranded specimens have about the same tightness. 
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
At the round hole, the puff becomes quite taut, but it does not add taste, but the drip begins to warm up stronger. In this case, it is difficult to pull directly into the lungs, but this is definitely not mtl. In short, why this was done, I especially do not understand. 

I’m content with a fully open three-nozzle – as for me, it’s almost Zen, because I love relatively tight puffs on all types of atomizers. 

Deca me, frankly, pleased.
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
It is simple and convenient. On it are two racks for fixing one spiral. The clamping plane is correct – there will be no coil deformation. Hexagon screws, spare ones are the same – zero complaints. The holes in the racks are about 3 x 2 mm in size, the distance between their centers is about 8 mm. Here you can stick, both small and relatively large specimens of coils, of course, you should take into account the width of the air inlets.
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
For the test, I used the complete fusion. He is far from fat, and here with him drip when hovering heats up moderately. And even if you steam without a break. Frankly, I was even a little surprised – the heating is “minimal”, the steam is of a comfortable (average) temperature. The dome absolutely does not burn the lips. Of course, I think if you stick a fusic fatter (at least three-core), then the heating will be felt. On the other hand, why in such a baby is such a “porn”, because it works great on “simple weaving.” 

About laying cotton wool and say it is not necessary – 5 seconds. Total service will take you a minimum (very minimum) of time and nerves – and again the excellent work of the developers.
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
Visually, it seems that there is no bath. However, it can be filled above the edges, just so I measured. Approximately 1.8 mm fit into the air duct. Moreover, it will be “difficult” to achieve overflow – you are also protected by the angle of inclination of the air passage channels, plus the diameter of the holes in the three-hole nozzle does not allow liquid to penetrate into them – almost not spilling) 
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
. And you can fill directly through the drip type. Checked – incomplete refueling is enough for about 5-6 decent puffs.

In addition, the box has a Squonk pin, its outlet opening rises above the bottom of the deck. Therefore, it will not be able to collect the surplus (liquid not soaked in cotton), thereby ensuring its small supply at the bottom of the deck. I like this solution more than “complete suction”. Since in small drips, the slurry ends quickly. 
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
I also want to return to the service. On the sides of the deck, there are grooves that seem to indicate the ideal location of the coil relative to the blower. So I neglected this information and raised the spiral higher. For, looking at the spiral through the airflow, I realized that in the proposed embodiment, the air would pound precisely into the center of the spiral and a little into its upper part.
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
By the way, a small “hemorrhoid” causes the adjustment of the spiral, because you will need to wear a side skirt every time for aiming. However, I will not call this moment critical, even this seemed interesting to me. 
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
It remains to tell about the taste transfer. As for me, she is excellent, very worthy. Moreover, by no means, all of the double-wired colleagues in the workshop can boast. Steam is quite saturated, it is well decomposed into ingredients. 
Excessive sweetness is not in sight, yet blowing side. The only caveat is that a little (just a little) lacks just the taste itself, but this is in comparison again with double wings, which in itself is not correct. I repeat – for one-coiled drip, it is very worthy taste, very. 

Both pins are gilded and perform well.
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
Impressions of use
I am very pleased with my rookie. The workmanship on the top five, the appearance is modest and neat, the dimensions are tiny. The service is a superfluous and quite pleasant thing, and the taste transfer deported my former favorites in this segment back to their boxes. Naturally, I also could not help but bribe the price tag, and such equipment in addition. 
Feel for ???  - Vapefly Pixie RDA ...
I can confidently recommend this copy to all lovers of single-bells. For such a price, you can simply hook it up for change when you buy a box or a squonk mod. However, without regard to the price tag, I would not change my recommendations. 

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Review of VM Stick 18 Starter Kit 1200mAh by Vaporesso

Today I would like to show you another representative of the Vaporesso family – VM STICK 18 . The device is the youngest in the lineup of new products, but it has quite serious chances for success and definitely won’t remain without its piece of the audience.
VM STICK 18 by Vaporesso - and the size is still in demand
As it often happens in the case of “related” devices, the new product strongly resembles the older model, although it received a different name. To be frank, then we can talk about the similarity with the lion’s share of the similar hiss on the market – there is simply nothing to change. At the disposal of the buyer are the usual batt and no less than the usual tank. Want something more stylish or unusual – look into a niche more expensive.
VM STICK 18 by Vaporesso - and the size is still in demand
Dimensions :

Height – 124 mm.
Diameter – 18 mm.
VM STICK 18 by Vaporesso - and the size is still in demand

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It makes no sense to hide the fact that so it lies on the surface – it is simpler than this toy only disposable “wipes.” But taking into account how the market has changed lately, simplicity is only a plus for the new product. I am sure that among our readers there are also enough of those who need no more. A definite plus, I would call the ability to use the components of the set with other devices.
VM STICK 18 by Vaporesso - and the size is still in demand
What prevents you from using a nice battery in a pair with a more “adult” MTL atomizer? The main thing is that you have enough technical capabilities 🙂 The battery capacity is 1200 mah. Full charge cycle – 60 minutes (1A). What else? The standard set is the fire button, charge indicator and micro USB connector. We are not given exact information about the board, but it can be assumed that all the list of protections needed for this format is present.
VM STICK 18 by Vaporesso - and the size is still in demand

We already talked about the atomizer kit right here. In short, we are offered the most ordinary non-serving with a couple of new evaporators. In principle, for most this should be enough. I do not think that it is worth waiting for a significant change in the line of evaporators, but in extreme cases you can simply wind up something more universal.
VM STICK 18 by Vaporesso - and the size is still in demand
VM 18 :

– evaporators – 1.0 ohm EUC CCELL (10-14W) / 0.6 ohm EUC MESHED (16-22W);
– 2 ml reservoir;
– lower airflow.
VM STICK 18 by Vaporesso - and the size is still in demand

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Steam Crave Aromamizer Lite RTA Review

MTL from Steam Crave sounds weird. Initially, after seeing this tank, I had the full feeling that, of course, this is not MTL, well, this can not be, simply because it cannot.
Side airflow, a large area of ​​air holes, a huge steam line. Well, there is no such thing.
What was my surprise when I still launched Aromamizer light.

But, as always, let’s start with the box. This is the third tank this year sent to me from Steam Crave, and if the two previous ones were packaged in previous versions, then here, finally, we see the box that will go into series.

The box is made of rather thick cardboard with a magnet lid. The lid will contain the window through which the tank is visible, the color of the tank is marked on the side face, and the main characteristics are indicated on the reverse side.
Inside, the box is trimmed with red velvet and the tank itself lies on a red velvet bed.

On the “bed” there are also two glasses, a spare and pot-bellied spare, spare parts in the side pocket, a huge bundle of o-rings, I have a feeling that they were doubled, spare screws, there is even a reserve of 6 times. White spare screws of 4 hex and flat and 4 more hex black screws.
Screwdriver otchivaetsya from the usual T figure, it has both cross and flat and 6-sided slots. In general, the equipment is very, very.

Also included is the second drip, MTL’y.
In total, the tank is completed with two 510 driptypes:

And here again a strange thing, as with the whole tank. The one that cigarette turned out to be surprisingly not bad. Despite the rather strange form and sampling from the inside. At the bottom of the cigarette driptip has a hole of 6 mm, on top of 4 mm. Its height of the BS connector is 9 mm and a diameter of 10 mm.
The wide driptip has an inlet as well as 6 mm and an outlet ≈ 11 mm.

Complete instruction in English:

Landing: 23 mm, width around the adjustment ring blowing 25 mm.
Height without connector and Drip type: 40 mm.
Weight: 60 gr.
Dimensions of complete glass: s
Outer diameter: 22 mm, for ordinary glass, for a wide glass 26 mm.
Internal diameter: 19 mm.
Height: normally 13 mm, but … I would say that the possible height of the glass is 12-14.5 mm.

Capacity with standard glass: 3.5 and potbelly, 4.5 ml.

The tank is currently offered in two colors, steel and black.

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Aromamizer is massive, but pretty squat. I do not understand the choice of a 23 mm diameter SteamCrave for landing, this was probably a kind of compromise, especially since the total width of the tank is 25 mm. The notches at the bottom and on the top hint at the European distribution of this tank, and it really does not look Chinese. However, such a design is typical for all Aromomizer. On the black version, in contrast to the steel one, the name of the tank is also perfectly readable, and, importantly for operation, indicating the blowing of the arrow.
The air intake is realized from two sides, but, the usual slots on the air intake ring are complemented by two pinhole holes. Moreover, since the adjustment ring adjusts the air intake into a rather wide opening in the base, the manufacturer had to make a large distance between the openings.

Let’s look at the overall design and parts of the tank:

Traditionally for Steam Crave, the base is inserted in the aromatizer from below, into the Chamber, in which all the “magic”, airflow, evaporation chamber and the beginning of the steam line are concentrated. On the “camera” is put on the air intake limiter, or the adjustment ring blowing. The body of the tank consists of a lower limiting ring, glass and a steam line with an upper refueling pad. The whole thing is completed, of course, with a lid and a drip tip.
Let’s start a more detailed discussion from above, with the body of the tank.

The openings of the gulf of liquid are quite ordinary, the lid is traditional, with a notch, only I did not like one. There is a notch on the lid, but not on the ring under it. When you take even the glass, when unscrewing the lid, the bachek is trying to figure it out, probably you need to twist it much tighter.
It is not customary that the lower part is more likely not part of the tank, it is not twisted with it, it is installed on top of the evaporation chamber. In general, the steam line is obtained consisting of two parts, on the thread, moreover, the length of the thread, which is in the upper part of the steam line, which is in the lower part, in the Chamber, is large enough.

Due to this, the height of the glass can vary, by as much as 2.5 mm, from 12 to 14.5 mm with a nominal height of 12.9 mm and it is nice, if anything, it will be easier to pick up the glass. Yes, and … 22 mm, so that glass can, as a last resort, be cut from a 20 ml plastic syringe. This is a definite plus 22 mm tanks.

In the photo you can see an interesting feature of the Aromamizer, most of the o-rings are internal, i.e. installed inside and not on the groove outside. The decision is very rare, o-rings will not be customary to change, but, in principle, nothing complicated.

Let’s reverse the tank and see what is on the reverse side.

The bottom cover covers the base and is, at the same time, the bottom of the “pool” into which liquid penetrates through the side openings in the chamber. This is a fluid-filled area.
The base is inserted into the center of the camera and through the grooves, it is practically filled in at the bottom with liquid. Cotton wool intake is carried out, almost as in RDTA, from such a micro tank below. The helix has side airflow through the perforated side holes. Blowing is obtained rather chiseled, thin air flows, but at the same time, wide, it goes beyond the limits of the spiral itself.
The evaporation chamber is very narrowed, its dimensions are 9 × 11.5 mm.

The base is drainless, which I categorically do not like, there are no special bore holes for the liquid there, so a small recess and holes. Vata is put, as I understand it, almost like on a drip, just to the bottom of the bath. Thrust it into the holes is not necessary, it should just lie on them.

Regarding the winding manufacturer in the instructions gives the following recommendations (in my retelling):
1. It is recommended to use a spiral with an inner diameter of 3 mm
2. Cut the legs of the spiral to 4.5 mm. When looking at the base under the coil should remain a small gap.
3. Use 12.5 mm cotton to clean the outer layers.
4. Do not unload the cotton, and fluff it, making it beautiful and fluffy.
5. Use the base o-ring as a guide for the length of the wool
. 6. Make sure you use all cotton to cover the holes for the base and other horizontal pieces.
7. Moisten cotton wool.
8. Install a spiral and cotton wool on the platform, place the tank body over the base and align the guides. Turn over the tank and unscrew. Attach the bottom of the base.

Honestly, I don’t know what kind of gap they had in mind, but with 4.5 mm legs it turns out something like the photo. I am totally upset that with such a spiral mounting system, it cannot be corrected. Generally, what … came up with “reckless” base.
It is noteworthy that the diameter of the helix is ​​recommended 3 mm, and not 2.5, as one would expect for MTL.
I installed a stainless steel fusion 2 × 3.2 + 0.1 … Actually, I put it in cigarette containers.
It is recommended to cut the cotton wool around the o-ring, of course, in a state where you fold the cotton down and not in its horizontal position. This can be seen in the picture accompanying the instructions.

Well, yes … It is advised to just throw cotton on the bottom of the base, not pushing anywhere, but covering the grooves and free space, which is practically not left there.

Strange thing. According to the design and installation of the spiral, and indeed, the least from this tank can be expected MTL tightening. But at the minimum point blowing it is. It seemed that the steam density would not suffice, but the steam density is very good, the cotton is wetted just fine, the taste is significantly stronger than from the cigarette tanks I use, it is even overkill. It will be necessary to try all the same instead of a fusion monosil set.

Buck is elementary converted to DL. Just opened wider, added power and please. It does not interfere, of course, change the drip-type, but still, the pair turns out a lot.

Regarding the drip-type cigarette, I just don’t like it except the height. I do not like when the lips touch the tank. However, the cover is quite cold and it is not scary.

The tank is heavy. It leaves the feeling of a “real” European original. Great build, great fit parts. The blowing adjustment ring rotates smoothly and locks normally. The only thing that maybe the tank is a bit complicated for novik, but the taste just kills.

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ULTRONER Mini Stick Mechanical Mod + Ultroner RDA Kit Preview

As you know, the company Ultroner – by the way, a subsidiary of asmodus – has special feelings for Stabwood. Therefore, most, if not all, of their creations have such a finish. Today’s device also does not appear in the exceptions. 

ULTRONER Mini Stick Mechanical Mod + Ultroner RDA Kit 
ULTRONER Mini Stick Mechanical Mod + Ultroner RDA Kit - affordable beauty ...
Dimensions: 70 x 24mm 
Weight: 68g Case 
Material: Stainless Steel + Stabwood 
Power: 1 x 18350 
Power Output:unknown 
Mode of operation: POWER 
Supported resistance: unknown 
Protection: low / high resistance, overheating, short circuit, wrong polarity 
Connector type: steel 510, pin gold-plated, spring-loaded 
Screen / diagonal: no 
Micro-USB port / charging: no 
Color: see photo below 
ULTRONER Mini Stick Mechanical Mod + Ultroner RDA Kit - affordable beauty ...
Package contents 
– Mini Stick Mod 
– RDA 
– beauty ring at 22mm 
– beauty ring at 24mm 
– lanyard 
– spare parts 
– user manual 
– warranty card
ULTRONER Mini Stick Mechanical Mod + Ultroner RDA Kit - affordable beauty ...
Just a few words about the atomizer. I barely picked up the fashion info, while Dripke was completely silent. I will definitely supplement the article as the nuances appear, if it will only go in the set. Well, if it is offered separately, then we will allocate a separate article for it. I think there will be something to look at. While it is only known that it will probably be 24mm in diameter, and from myself I will add an assumption – this is a single-spiral. The captain is obvious, is not it?))) 
ULTRONER Mini Stick Mechanical Mod + Ultroner RDA Kit - affordable beauty ...

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With dimensions, not everything is clear, some sources talk about the figure of 22mm – the diameter, but I tend to 24mm. Naturally, this is just a tiny trubomod – even with a complete drip it risks lurking in the owner’s palm, without showing the nose out.
ULTRONER Mini Stick Mechanical Mod + Ultroner RDA Kit - affordable beauty ...
It looks quite decent, perhaps, so you can say about each creation of this manufacturer. For the decor, as always, in the answer inserts from stubwood. 
ULTRONER Mini Stick Mechanical Mod + Ultroner RDA Kit - affordable beauty ...
From the start, only two versions of body coloring will be available, but stubwood will give the desired variety in design. 
ULTRONER Mini Stick Mechanical Mod + Ultroner RDA Kit - affordable beauty ...
The connector was not shown to us, but they showed two complete beauty rings at 22 and at 24mm. 
ULTRONER Mini Stick Mechanical Mod + Ultroner RDA Kit - affordable beauty ...
By the way, the bundle includes a cool lanyard with a medallion. Well, the ultroner would not be itself if it had not done something. 
ULTRONER Mini Stick Mechanical Mod + Ultroner RDA Kit - affordable beauty ...
The fire button is small, made of ultem. In a compartment with dripka, designed in the same way, we get a good combination. 
ULTRONER Mini Stick Mechanical Mod + Ultroner RDA Kit - affordable beauty ...
Naturally, our hero is controlled by a chipset, but so far I have not found any details about him. Access to the battery compartment through a screw cap at the bottom of the pipe module. 
ULTRONER Mini Stick Mechanical Mod + Ultroner RDA Kit - affordable beauty ...
Price $ 64.5
ULTRONER Mini Stick Mechanical Mod + Ultroner RDA Kit - affordable beauty ...
ULTRONER Mini Stick Mechanical Mod + Ultroner RDA Kit - affordable beauty ...

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Innokin Gala Review | Tap and Shake Pod System

The Innokin Gala is an open pod system and follows on from the huge hit that was the Innokin EQs pod mod.
innokin gala colour LED


Innokin have a superb track recornulld of beginner/mouth to lung vape kits, producing what was one of the best selling series in the vaping world, the latest in the series being the Innokin Endura T18ii.

So I have high hopes for the Gala kit.

What Can We Expect From The Gala Pod System by Innokin?

The Innokin Gala, as mentioned, is an open pod system so you can refill the pod with your own choice of e-liquid. So once you start to lose flavour and the coil reaches the end of its life, you chuck the whole pod.

It comes with the latest PLEX3D designed coils in a variety of colours and has an LED light bar that you can change to display a different colour when you take a vape. The change is made by tapping and shaking the device. Interesting. Let’s take a closer look.

The product was supplied for the purposes of this review by Innokin, thank you. As always my opinions are my own.


In the box

  • Innokin Gala Battery
  • 0.5Ω Pod (preinstalled)
  • 0.8Ω Pod
  • Pack of 3 E-liquid Bottle Tip Adapters
  • Lanyard
  • Warranty Card
  • Warranty Booklet
  • Tip Adapter Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Battery Care Guide

innokin gala kit contents


  • Dimensions: 109mm x 25mm x 11mm
  • Weight: 50g
  • Tank Capacity: 2ml
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Draw Activated
  • Tap and Shake to change LEDs

Design and Build Quality

The Innokin Gala comes in a number of different colours, I have the Saphire, and it has a nice stylised G logo and the word Gala in silver.Innokin Gala kit colours

Below that you have the light bar running down most of the battery (more on that in a moment).

Picking it up you immediately feel like it’s a nice piece of kit, just enough weight to feel quality without being heavy.gala by innokin in hand

It’s really discrete and fits nicely in the hand with the curved edges, despite having a shiny surface I never felt like I didn’t have a grip on it.

Controls and LEDs

There’s no buttons as it’s a draw activated device. The only control you have is over the LED light bar that is about 2mm wide and is about half the length of the complete kit.

This will light up when you put a pod in it and after you’ve taken a vape, to show you battery life.

Confusingly putting a pod in will show the battery one way (colour of flash) and after vaping it will use another (number of flashes). This is because you can set it to be any of the 7 colour options when you vape on it.

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3 Taps

The instructions tell you that you need to tap the “G” logo 3x quickly to light up the LEDs with whatever colour is currently set, then if you shake the device it will cycle through your 7 different options Blue, Magenta, Red, Pink, Yellow, Aqua, Green and Off.

Then you either wait 4 seconds or take a puff on it to set the colour… Except that “Tap the device” doesn’t really describe what you need to do.

I spent a good 15 minutes touching the logo, tapping it, harder, softer, slower, quicker. Until eventually I just repeatedly ended up tapping away to get it to light up.

Turns out that it’s not a touch sensitive button, it doesn’t respond to the deformation of the plastic casing, or anything terribly sophisticated. It seems like it’s a simple accelerometer that is calibrated for short, sharp, shocks.

I actually found out the most reliable way of getting this to work, was holding the base of the device and flicking the device to hit my other hand fairly forcefully.

Similarly if you do this 5 times, you get “Light Show” mode, which cycles through the 7 colours continuously until you either perform the secret handshake again, or wait 30 minutes.

Not entirely sure that’s a great idea if you’re trying to prolong your battery life. Speaking of which!

Battery Life

After recently testing a device with a 1,000mAh battery that could give me two days with a good tail wind, I thought I’d happily get a day.

Unfortunately during my normal day I walked to work (15 minutes) vaped on my lunch break (45 minutes) and vaped on the walk home… or I would have done if it had managed to last my whole walk!

For me, this wasn’t an all day device and sadly the battery life didn’t impress with the device I tested.

Pods and Filling

You get two pods in the kit, the 0.5Ω pod is preinstalled, and you get a spare 0.8Ω.

I’m always pleased to see pod manufacturers include a spare, not enough do it so it’s great to see Innokin have listened to the wants of vapers here.

The other plus point is that you can easily tell them apart as the 0.8Ω coil has a bright green surround and the 0.5Ω is black.innokin gala replacement pods

On one side of pod is the silicon tab that you lift up to fill with a stopper that fits inside the fill to fill the innokin gala pod

This is without doubt the single worst experience I have had filling any tank or pod system.

Tip Adapters

The 3 tip adapters that you get in the box are there because there’s only a small diameter fill hole, and there is no secondary hole to release the air.innokin gala tip adapters

Coupled with the fact it’s quite a deep hole that your tip has to travel down, you quickly end up with an airlock and juice spilling over the top of the pod.

I feel like the tip adapters were included as an afterthought when they realised they’d made it impossible to fill.

They are supposed to fit onto the end of an e-liquid bottle and are very narrow so you put it down into the pod and it allows the air to escape around it.

Except they don’t fit tightly onto the bottle, so filling it up becomes a three handed job where you need to hold the pod, hold the the bottle, hold the tip adapter.

And the reason you need to hold the tip adapter is because if it you put it all the way into the pod, you end up drawing e-liquid back up, and because it doesn’t seal over the bottle, it just ends up spilling out the top of the adapter.

Similarly if you try to position it near the top of the tank, you run into the problem of the narrow but deep hole, and once again you form an airlock… and spill e-liquid all over the pod.


Innokin has some really nice photos of the pod kit in a leather pouch with lanyard.

However in the box you get a really basic lanyard with a small leather type loop that you put the device through. Then I guess you just have to hope it doesn’t fall out? As there’s no way of really tightening it on the device and nothing solid to attach it to.innokin gala lanyard

Also you need to avoid covering the airflow hole that’s on the side of the device. You can at least adjust the length of it.

How Does the Innokin Gala perform?

So after all of that, how does it vape?

Well, I’m pleased to say that the flavour is not bad at all.innokin gala colour LED

I tested both the 0.5Ω pod with the Plex3D Mesh coils and the 0.8Ω with the ceramic coils.

I used my standard 50/50 Berry Ice from Vape Simple at 9mg.

On both of these coils the flavour was pretty good and quite hard to tell the difference at first.

Not a great deal of vapour, which is normal for a device of this type, but a satisfying draw that feels similar to the cigarette.

I did find I was missing a bit of the throat hit that I’m used to from this e-juice, but that softness might suit people vaping 18mg e-liquid a little better.

Unfortunately on only the third day of using it I started to have problems.

The 0.5Ω coil leaked slightly inside the battery. Now this may well have been user error, but I’ve been careful pushing in the tab after filling, as well as cleaning the pod which became necessary due to the messy filling method.innokin gala leak

What’s more inexplicable is I started getting really bad dry hits from the 0.8Ω coil, and this is when it was full of 50/50 e-liquid.

This just should not happen and what I think might be going on is that the tiny air bubbles it produces were collecting near the wicking holes and stopping any fresh e-liquid from getting back into the coil.

Either that or the wicking material in this coil just isn’t up to people taking a few hits in quick succession.

I shook it about, let it rest, but the problem came back after only a few draws every time I tried again.

On both of the pods I also had to keep an eye on my air bubble. It would usually collect on one side so that as you vaped you were running the risk of having one side of the coil not being properly saturated as the air bubble gets bigger.

This was especially true as the two sides of the pod don’t level out their e-liquid levels easily at all.


  • Pretty good flavour
  • It looks nice
  • Well built, feels good in the hand
  • LEDs are kind of cool


  • Filling is a PAIN
  • Dry hits from one pod
  • Short battery life
  • Lanyard not the best

Final Review Verdict

So after my 0.5Ω coil gave out on me I persevered for a while on the 0.8Ω coil, but honestly it was just getting frustrating.

This is especially true as Innokin recommend you don’t vape it to less than a third full.

So with about 1.4ml of useable liquid, a pain to fill, and having to recharge all the time, I can’t see me picking the Innokin Gala pod up again now I’ve reviewed it.

With nice feel, the funky LED light, and the flavour it’s capable of, I was really hoping that it could become a good little shirt pocket pod kit for when I’m out and don’t want to take something more serious with me.

Unfortunately all of its downsides just overwhelm the positives.

Have you used the Innokin Gala Pod System? If so we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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Teslacigs Citrine 24 tank Preview

Teslacigs is back in touch. And again they will present another novelty. Rather, the official presentation, as such, has not yet been, but I gathered a bit of information after all. By the way, after numerous presentations of new boxing mods, the manufacturer decided to take a short break and submit a modest non-service to the public. It is likely that its release is timed to another new product, which simply has not been shown to anyone yet. It is likely that this tank will be implemented in tandem with it in the future, because you will not be cleared up in particular sales in this segment.

Teslacigs Citrine 24 tank 
Teslacigs Citrine 24 tank - plastic non-service ...
Case material: plastic + stainless steel
Atomizer type: maintenance-free
Evaporators: 0.15 / 0.17Ω
Capacity:2 / 4ml
Diameter: 24mm
Height: 44.5mm with Drip type
Connector: 510, pin gold-plated
Weight: unknown
Color: see photo below
Teslacigs Citrine 24 tank - plastic non-service ...
Package contents (likely)
– Citrine 24 tank
– replaceable evaporators 2pcs T-X5 / T-X4 (0.15 / 0.17 Ω) (one preinstalled)
– user manual
– quality certificate

The exterior of the tank is rather unusual, and all because the developers decided to follow the newfangled trends and execute the hull almost entirely of transparent plastic. Probably, such a design for any public, because such decisions emerge here and there. It should also be borne in mind that the processing of such products costs the manufacturer several times cheaper than the usual metal construction.
Teslacigs Citrine 24 tank - plastic non-service ...
From the start, a lot of color options were suggested right away, which is understandable – the matter is much simpler with plastic.
Teslacigs Citrine 24 tank - plastic non-service ...

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Our hero refuels from above, however at first it is necessary to unscrew a plastic cover with risks. We decided not to show this, therefore I hope that the thread is not cut in plastic, otherwise it is a “pain” due to the relatively short service life.
Teslacigs Citrine 24 tank - plastic non-service ...
Capacity is not the greatest, but it is necessary to take into account the small size.
Teslacigs Citrine 24 tank - plastic non-service ...
Our guest eats two types of replaceable evaporators. Unfortunately, it is not clear on which types of coils they are executed.
Teslacigs Citrine 24 tank - plastic non-service ...
The adjustment of the blower is implemented by the standard for such a segment constructive – swivel ring with risks, it is also plastic. It is located at the base of the tank, there are two air intakes, they are slightly larger than the average size.
Teslacigs Citrine 24 tank - plastic non-service ...
Pin is gilded and pours enough.
Teslacigs Citrine 24 tank - plastic non-service ...
The price is currently unknown, on the shelves of the counters, non-services have not yet been announced.
Teslacigs Citrine 24 tank - plastic non-service ...


Shield by GeekVape – Overview

This year one of the most interesting devices was the Aegis boxing mod from GeekVape . The novelty became the first, truly protected box with several very important qualities – real security, good pay and an adequate price tag. The only thing that surprised me a little was why the company did not release a complete atomizer, because it is almost an obligatory norm for manufacturers of this level. And so, with a slight delay, Shield Tank appeared , about which I now want to talk.
Shield by GeekVape - baby on SMOK vaporizers for your Aegis
I want to start with the fact that I really liked Aegis , in many respects, precisely because of the interesting design. As far as I know, the model sells very well, so I’m not the only one who liked boxing. Therefore, onGeekVape lay the task to make an atomizer, which will not yield to cool fashion. Honestly, I bet on dripku, but GeekVape felt that the tank will be more interesting.
Shield by GeekVape - baby on SMOK vaporizers for your Aegis
I found the tank myself on the manufacturer’s website, where quite recently the renders have been published and Shield doesn’t look very soft on them. I was already prepared to scold the designers, but then I found real photos and my opinion changed a little. The tank itself is not the most original design and resembles a bunch of analogs, for example, Digiflavor ‘s Bucho . The only thing that saves a little is the “protection” of the tank, which gives it an interesting look. But this item is not included in the kit, so you have to spend 🙂

Dimensions :

Height – 38 mm.
Diameter – 24 mm.
Weight – 50 g

Shield by GeekVape - baby on SMOK vaporizers for your Aegis

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As I said above, I was pretty sure that they would make a drip for Aegis . As a result, they made an unattended tank, which doesn’t fit (in my understanding) with such a box. But if we ignore this, then we get a nice tank with standard features, as for its format. The truth is not without interesting features. So, engineers suggest using the following evaporators with a tank – IM1 – 0.4 ohm (40-60W); IM4 – 0.15 ohm (60-80W).
Shield by GeekVape - baby on SMOK vaporizers for your Aegis

The highlight is compatibility with SMOK TFV8 Big Baby / Baby vaporizers . Not a bad choice extension, right? I think thanks to this, the number of potential buyers should increase. Air spiral obtained through the system of the lower airflow. Everything is standard – two slots and an adjustment ring.
Shield by GeekVape - baby on SMOK vaporizers for your Aegis
I had some doubts about the normal capacity of the fluid reservoir, but GeekVape directly surprised me. Completely filled tank contains 4.5 ml. Holes for refueling are under the top cover, and in order to access them, you just need to press the “button”. From the side you can even see the pin on which the whole structure rests. I’d like to believe that everything was done with quality 🙂
Shield by GeekVape - baby on SMOK vaporizers for your Aegis

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Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA Review

One of the most notable drips presented lately was the Dead Rabbit from Hellvape & Heathen . Developed in collaboration with a well-known reviewer, a dripulka is still a success. The Solo version gained considerable popularity , and now it’s the turn of the tank – Dead Rabbit RTA .
Dead Rabbit RTA by Hellvape & Heathen is now a tank.  Everything is good!  Base in place!
I want to immediately note that the designers managed to make it so that the relationship of all devices in the line is noticeable even with the naked eye. Even if you do not take into account the corporate logo engraved on the dome, then some common features with the original Rabbit are noticeable. Even if I inspired all this to myself, then it’s impossible to argue with the fact that the tank turned out to be stylish. Cool corrugated rings, giving brutality and a lot of color options. Cool! The overall picture is complemented by colorful drip types, a couple of which I would definitely like to get myself into the collection.
Dead Rabbit RTA by Hellvape & Heathen is now a tank.  Everything is good!  Base in place!
Apparently, the manufacturer is very pleased with his line and does not burn with the desire to change anything drastically. Perhaps this whole “corporate style” attracts many, but it still cannot last for long. It is necessary to change something, or the interest of buyers can die out. Well, okay, these are all lyrics, and now let’s see what the novelty hides under the hood.
Dead Rabbit RTA by Hellvape & Heathen is now a tank.  Everything is good!  Base in place!Dead Rabbit RTA by Hellvape & Heathen is now a tank.  Everything is good!  Base in place!
Removing the cover, the user will find the same system as in the first drip. At first glance, there is no change, and the second too. Available are two racks consisting of four blocks. It is easy to guess that the spirals are in an upright position. Someone can be pleased with the opportunity to use in the mode of one helix. For fixing meet the side screws. Judging by the available photos, not afraid of even the fattest coils 🙂
Dead Rabbit RTA by Hellvape & Heathen is now a tank.  Everything is good!  Base in place!Dead Rabbit RTA by Hellvape & Heathen is now a tank.  Everything is good!  Base in place!
Dead Rabbit RTA by Hellvape & Heathen is now a tank.  Everything is good!  Base in place!Lately, I am less and less surprised at the upper airflow. So the hero of today’s blowing with his top slots did not cause any surprise. Air enters the spirals through channels in the inner part of the shaft. With the spaciousness of the tank, everything is simple. Included are two types of reservoirs – standard for 2 ml and blown glass for 4.5 ml. Holes for refueling are under the top cover and to gain access to them you need to unscrew the upper ring.
Dead Rabbit RTA by Hellvape & Heathen is now a tank.  Everything is good!  Base in place!Dead Rabbit RTA by Hellvape & Heathen is now a tank.  Everything is good!  Base in place!

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Voopoo X217 Box Mod