Elegant looking mod but the tank looks like a helmet with a drip tip coming out of it. It does match up very well with the mod color-wise. The mod is rather small but it looks to be of high-quality construction. The box has two tiers and in the second tier of the box, you have the charge cable and accessories. The packaging is done very well.


  • One Aspire Zelos 50W TC Box Mod
  • One Aspire Nautilus 2 Sub-Ohm Tank
  • One Kanthal 0.7 ohm Coil
  • One Kanthal 1.8 ohm Coil
  • Spare SS Drip Tip
  • Spare Glass Tank Segment
  • One Micro USB Cable
  • User Manuals

Aspire Zelos Kit Review



The device has a nice 510 pin with slits on the bottom for tanks that still use bottom airflow. The threading on the 510 is stainless steel and smooth. The pin itself is gold plated and it has a short yet firm throw to it. Unfortunately, I did get some atty rash already and that is kind of disappointing when it comes to the finish on this mod. So far all of my atomizers have sat flush and seem to make a really good connection. You can get up to a 22mm tank on the Zelos with no overhang at all.

Aspire Zelos Kit Review

This mod is definitely on the skinny side but it still has an elegant look to it. It is an internal battery mod. The color is a two-tone gray and silver. Aside from the slight atty rash I have on this mod, the paint does seem to be of high quality. Other than the marks by my atomizer,, the paint on the body of the mod has held up rather well. The branding on the mod is very subtle and unobtrusive.

Aspire Zelos Kit Review

The fire button on the Zelos is tiny but it does have a good feel to it. It is made out of metal and slightly raised from the mod but very clicky. The plus and minus buttons are raised as well and they have a similar feel to the fire button. They are clearly marked with a plus or minus symbol. Below the plus minus buttons, we have the charge update port. It is a horizontally mounted port and capable of 1 amp charging. The internal battery is a 2500 mAh battery.

Aspire Zelos Kit Review

The screen may be small but it’s very vivid and bright. It has an auto flip feature to it that I have really come to enjoy. No matter which way you hold the mod, your screen will automatically flip so you can read the screen easily. When it flips, it does flip rather fast. On the bottom of the mod, there is some battery venting.


The Zelos Kit comes with the Nautilus 2 tank. Aspire did a beautiful job matching the mod and tank color. The provided tank is a very restricted direct lung tank or a straight up MTL tank depending on how you set up your air flow.

I love the drip tips that are included with the Zelos Kit. They’re contoured, restrictive, tall, and narrow bore. You get one in silver and one in black. They are very comfortable drip tips for MTL vaping. Absolutely love them.

Aspire Zelos Kit Review

The Nautilus 2 tank really does not have a traditional top cap like most tanks. It is more like a metal cage that has a helmet shape to it. It does have a 510 drip tip hole on the top of it. On the inside of the helmet, there is a short chimney that screws directly into the coil. When you take the helmet off, all you are left with is the glass with no chimney cap. The tank is top fill and wide open for filling because there is no traditional chimney top cap. The airflow on the Nautilus 2 is adjustable and single-sided. It has 5 circles with each circle getting smaller than the previous. This allows you to really dial in your MTL vape. The 510 on the base is gold plated and the threading is very smooth.

Aspire Zelos Kit Review


I really like the look and feel of this little kit. It has a tall yet elegant look to it. The Zelos is also a very pocketable mod. I find it extremely comfortable to hold and vape with. The mod does have a light feel to it yet it is still a very solid feel. It does not feel cheap in your hand like other mods of itss size and class.

Aspire Zelos Kit Review


The Zelos mod uses a proprietary board by Aspire. It does have a full temperature control suite and it will vape all of the popular metals. The Zelos has a Ni, SS, TI, wattage, voltage, and a bypass mode. I have to say that the TC on the Zelos is in fact legit. I tried the Ni and SS settings in TC and both of them worked extremely well. The menu system is very simple, intuitive and easy to use.

Aspire Zelos Kit Review

This board will fire as low as .1 ohms and it is adjustable in .1 watt increments. The voltage ranges from .5 to 8 volts and it is adjustable in .1 volt increments. It does have some pass through technology built into it so you will be able to vape while charging but to be honest I never recommend that.


  • Press the fire button 5 times to turn on
  • Click the fire button 3 times to lock device
  • While locked hold the fire button for 3 seconds to turn off the mod
  • Click the fore button 3 times while on to enter stealth mode
  • Press the +/- button together to access modes
  • In TC mode, press the – and fire button to adjust the wattage
  • Fire button and + button together will lock the mod
  • Mod will enter sleep mode when idle for over a minute.

Aspire Zelos Kit Review


I have to say this is one solid MTL kit. I especially enjoy using it in the morning when I’m having my first cup of coffee. I love having an MTL vape for that time of the day. I usually put a nice RY4 or some type of dessert vape in the Nautilus 2 tank. For me, it just goes great with a cup of coffee. In that respect, the Zelos kit has surprisingly snuck its way into my daily rotation. I say surprisingly because while I am normally a flavor chaser, I am really not a die hard MTL vaper. Just the same, I think I have found the perfect spot in my daily rotation for this mod.

The coils provided in this kit are high in ohms so battery life is just phenomenal. While I did enjoy both coils, I do find the .7 coil to be a bit overrated. Anytime I ran it above 14 watts I got a slightly burnt taste. The specs said it’s good up to 23 watts but that certainly has not been the case for me. I do like it at 14 watts and I still get a nice vape even though the coil is rated from 18 to 23 watts.

Aspire Zelos Kit Review

The 1.8 coil is very flavorful and I was actually surprised that I liked it as much as I did. In reality, I actually preferred it to the .7 coil. The .18 coil is rated at 10 to 14 watts and the flavor is really very good. The airflow is definitely more restricted on this coil but I still got a very enjoyable vape off of it. Both coils are made of kanthal.


Look, if you are an MTL vaper, this kit is definitely a worthy addition to your vape collection. Maybe you’re like me and you just enjoy an MTL vape every now and again? If so, check this kit out. It’s a great kit to use with tobacco flavored juices because it comes very close to mimicking the feel and taste of a cigarette. In the end, isn’t that what this is all really about, staying off of cigarettes? Deucesjack approved? Definitely, if you’re in MTLer, you will have a hard time finding a better, more complete kit. Be sure to check out our Vape Wild coupons page for deals and discounts when purchasing this kit!

Now It’s Available :Aspire Zelos 50W 2.0 Kit

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