Creative Ideas on How to Use Wall Hooks

If you have huge fun of an organized home, then wall hooks can help you stay even more organized. Only spending a couple of dollars, these hooks can literally transform any space in your home. Using them, you can be able to create millions of projects. They can be used for various different purposes and they can help declutter your home by simply hanging items.

As stated before, there are many projects you can make use these hooks. Here are just but a few creative and inexpensive ways to do so.

  1. Hanging your child’s artwork

One of the most valued possessions of any parent is the artwork of their children. Show off your children’s creation by hanging them in your child’s room or your living room. Using the picture rail hooks to hang them on your walls. To add a classy touch to the creation, you can use grosgrain ribbon to hang the sleek frame on the hooks.

  1. Hanging your purse

You can have a wall hook near the door so that you can always hang your purse there whenever you walk through your door. This makes it easier for you to reach it when you are leaving the house. It also avoids wasting time going around the room to look for your purse.

wall hooks wall hooks

  1. Showing off your pans and pots

One of the biggest trends these days especially in the kitchen is that hanging pans and pots where they are visible. So, if there is an empty area and wall in your kitchen that you want to spruce up, use wall hooks to hang your pans and pots. Such a project is one of the most excellent ways to update your kitchen and make it look elegant without having to spend so much money.

  1. Create storage in the bathroom

Are you looking to find some more storage space in the bathroom? If yes, then you can simply use these hooks to hang a few wicker baskets on the walls of your bathroom. You can then use the wicker baskets to store toiletries, towels, and even extra toilet papers. Using hooks to hang baskets in the bathroom walls to create more space is an excellent way to add an elegant look and a nice touch to any bathroom while decluttering.

  1. Showcasing your jewelry

With a small bedroom, you might have a limited space, and you might struggle to find a good space where you can store your jewelry. There is no need to hide it. It is beautiful, and should be showcased. Use your beautiful jewelry as an art and display in your bedroom. Use a wall hook to arrange your beautiful earrings and necklaces in a beautiful pattern. This will not only give you some extra storage space, but will also decorate a bare bedroom wall and make your room more beautiful.

There are many other excellent ways you can add a great look to your home by using wall hooks. Good thing is, they are very affordable, but can be used in millions of different projects. Be more creative with them and think on many other ways to use them.

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