Eleaf iJust ECM – is the new Ajast better than iJust 3 or not?


This is another starter, in the launch version with the  iJust ECM Atomaizer atomizer.

In the spring of this year, iJust 3 was released , which is currently the leader among its subsidiaries in sales.

Will the new Ajast be better than the Ajast 3? Compare in the review.



Comes starter set in a white box on which there is a stretch code to verify originality. We are met with iJust ECM Tank, a battery pack, a spare 2 ml flat glass, a ZIP package with o-rings for the atomizer and refill silicone (with a non-spill function), a white USB cable, packed in transparent plastic 0.15 ohm evaporator Scotch is a black rectangle to check the originality of the device (this scooter needs to be applied to the box, to the place where the black stripe is on the box and if it lights up, then the original vape).



Information for information

Eleaf iJust ECM is made of stainless steel and is available at the time of this writing in 5 colors: black, blue, steel, yellow and rainbow, has a built-in 3000 mAh battery, working resistance from 0.1 Ohm, equipped with only one mode – Power, has maximum power – 40 W, paired with an iJust ECM Tank on maintenance-free EC-N and EC-M evaporators.

Battery pack overview

A distinctive feature is that the ajjast under consideration works on new type evaporators and, of course, on the grid: EC-N and EC-M. Both on the cantal, with a resistance of 0.15 Ohm, the cross section of the grid in two evaporators is different: larger and smaller.


Electronic cigarette is presented in 5 colors so far: gold, silver, black, blue, dazzling.


But let’s start as always from above and in order. 510 connector is different from the connector that stood on the third aijaste. Here on the connector is the name of the device and manufacturer. The central part has 4 propyl, which is likely to protect the atomizer from sticking to the connector when hovering. Pin springs about 2-3 mm.


Next comes the button – Fire. It does not rattle, has a triangular shape, a sharp angle down.

This arrangement makes it more convenient to press the button almost from the bottom. However, at the edges, pressing is also pleasant. In general, the click is not loud, the click is clear.


Capacity of the built-in rechargeable battery: 3000 mAh

Output power: 40 W,

Operating resistance: 0.1 to 3 ohms.

Inside the button there is an LED that lights green when pressed.

Personally, I liked the button on iJust 3 more, it was larger and had a hexagonal shape. Although it’s all a matter of habit and perhaps triangular, you can also get used to it.


At the bottom is the base, which in all colors will be steel color. Bottom hole for exhaust gas from the battery and at the same time to cool the board.

You can note that the connector and the base have the same cuts at the extreme points, which give a certain symmetry in design.

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IJust ECM Tank Overview

Atomizer in Ajast 3 was somehow more elegant. In the same usual delirious 810 drip-type on two o-rings. Drip-tip inside has a narrowing to the bottom.


In general, he is not bad, but the aiphast driptypes of the third were from Resin and looked very nice.


Height: 24 mm (with drip-type)

Diameter: 25mm

Weight: 60 gr.

Refueling is carried out by shifting to the side of the refueling cap. A white silicone insert opens to fill up the fluid. There is one more in the set, with the function of non-spilling, i.e. after removing the spout of the bottle from the tank, the membrane closes the filling opening and the zizhka from the tank (if turned over) does not leak out.


Atomizer is disassembled from the drip-type, top-cap, which is combined with the mine, the evaporator, connecting the top and bottom of the tank, base and glass.

The EC-N and EC-M evaporators are threaded at the top and bottom, so they are screwed in and hold the top cap (top cover) from the bottom and top. Coils are distinguished by the cross section of the grid, i.e. only its weaving. From 30 to 70 W – recommended power.

The base has a blower adjustment ring, which is smooth here. There are stoppers. Pin floating, sticks out badly and therefore cannot be used on mechanical mods.

The volume of the tank is only 2 ml. It is not clear why they put exactly the same glass for 2 ml in the kit, but the volume is small.


IJust ECM vs. iJust 3 Comparison

The first thing that came to mind after the review was that Eleaf was in a hurry to release a new ajast.

Unlike iJust 3, ayjast ECM was not as roomy, only 2 ml instead of 6.5 on Bublee-Glass, i.e. the manufacturer refused to increase the volume of glass and it is strange.

In addition, the new iJust power only 40 watts. Evaporators on the grid are delicious, but the third was tastier. There the steam was somehow richer, thick. The pair also had more on the top three, which is understandable, it was just more powerful.

The button during operation is pressed normally, like the indicator light, the red glow says that it is time to charge. Three tanks on a fully charged battery can be evaporated.

Still, iJust 3 is better than iJust ECM.

Cons and pros


– no large glass, only 2 ml,

– the maximum power is only 40 W, the drip will not pull


– universal replacement for evaporators, suitable from iJust S , iJust 3, iJust ONE , iJust X , iJust 2,

– the big LED which luminescence will signal about a charge level of the accumulator,

Now It’s Available :

Eleaf iJust ECM 40W Starter Kit

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