Innokin Gala Review | Tap and Shake Pod System

The Innokin Gala is an open pod system and follows on from the huge hit that was the Innokin EQs pod mod.
innokin gala colour LED


Innokin have a superb track recornulld of beginner/mouth to lung vape kits, producing what was one of the best selling series in the vaping world, the latest in the series being the Innokin Endura T18ii.

So I have high hopes for the Gala kit.

What Can We Expect From The Gala Pod System by Innokin?

The Innokin Gala, as mentioned, is an open pod system so you can refill the pod with your own choice of e-liquid. So once you start to lose flavour and the coil reaches the end of its life, you chuck the whole pod.

It comes with the latest PLEX3D designed coils in a variety of colours and has an LED light bar that you can change to display a different colour when you take a vape. The change is made by tapping and shaking the device. Interesting. Let’s take a closer look.

The product was supplied for the purposes of this review by Innokin, thank you. As always my opinions are my own.


In the box

  • Innokin Gala Battery
  • 0.5Ω Pod (preinstalled)
  • 0.8Ω Pod
  • Pack of 3 E-liquid Bottle Tip Adapters
  • Lanyard
  • Warranty Card
  • Warranty Booklet
  • Tip Adapter Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Battery Care Guide

innokin gala kit contents


  • Dimensions: 109mm x 25mm x 11mm
  • Weight: 50g
  • Tank Capacity: 2ml
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Draw Activated
  • Tap and Shake to change LEDs

Design and Build Quality

The Innokin Gala comes in a number of different colours, I have the Saphire, and it has a nice stylised G logo and the word Gala in silver.Innokin Gala kit colours

Below that you have the light bar running down most of the battery (more on that in a moment).

Picking it up you immediately feel like it’s a nice piece of kit, just enough weight to feel quality without being heavy.gala by innokin in hand

It’s really discrete and fits nicely in the hand with the curved edges, despite having a shiny surface I never felt like I didn’t have a grip on it.

Controls and LEDs

There’s no buttons as it’s a draw activated device. The only control you have is over the LED light bar that is about 2mm wide and is about half the length of the complete kit.

This will light up when you put a pod in it and after you’ve taken a vape, to show you battery life.

Confusingly putting a pod in will show the battery one way (colour of flash) and after vaping it will use another (number of flashes). This is because you can set it to be any of the 7 colour options when you vape on it.

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3 Taps

The instructions tell you that you need to tap the “G” logo 3x quickly to light up the LEDs with whatever colour is currently set, then if you shake the device it will cycle through your 7 different options Blue, Magenta, Red, Pink, Yellow, Aqua, Green and Off.

Then you either wait 4 seconds or take a puff on it to set the colour… Except that “Tap the device” doesn’t really describe what you need to do.

I spent a good 15 minutes touching the logo, tapping it, harder, softer, slower, quicker. Until eventually I just repeatedly ended up tapping away to get it to light up.

Turns out that it’s not a touch sensitive button, it doesn’t respond to the deformation of the plastic casing, or anything terribly sophisticated. It seems like it’s a simple accelerometer that is calibrated for short, sharp, shocks.

I actually found out the most reliable way of getting this to work, was holding the base of the device and flicking the device to hit my other hand fairly forcefully.

Similarly if you do this 5 times, you get “Light Show” mode, which cycles through the 7 colours continuously until you either perform the secret handshake again, or wait 30 minutes.

Not entirely sure that’s a great idea if you’re trying to prolong your battery life. Speaking of which!

Battery Life

After recently testing a device with a 1,000mAh battery that could give me two days with a good tail wind, I thought I’d happily get a day.

Unfortunately during my normal day I walked to work (15 minutes) vaped on my lunch break (45 minutes) and vaped on the walk home… or I would have done if it had managed to last my whole walk!

For me, this wasn’t an all day device and sadly the battery life didn’t impress with the device I tested.

Pods and Filling

You get two pods in the kit, the 0.5Ω pod is preinstalled, and you get a spare 0.8Ω.

I’m always pleased to see pod manufacturers include a spare, not enough do it so it’s great to see Innokin have listened to the wants of vapers here.

The other plus point is that you can easily tell them apart as the 0.8Ω coil has a bright green surround and the 0.5Ω is black.innokin gala replacement pods

On one side of pod is the silicon tab that you lift up to fill with a stopper that fits inside the fill to fill the innokin gala pod

This is without doubt the single worst experience I have had filling any tank or pod system.

Tip Adapters

The 3 tip adapters that you get in the box are there because there’s only a small diameter fill hole, and there is no secondary hole to release the air.innokin gala tip adapters

Coupled with the fact it’s quite a deep hole that your tip has to travel down, you quickly end up with an airlock and juice spilling over the top of the pod.

I feel like the tip adapters were included as an afterthought when they realised they’d made it impossible to fill.

They are supposed to fit onto the end of an e-liquid bottle and are very narrow so you put it down into the pod and it allows the air to escape around it.

Except they don’t fit tightly onto the bottle, so filling it up becomes a three handed job where you need to hold the pod, hold the the bottle, hold the tip adapter.

And the reason you need to hold the tip adapter is because if it you put it all the way into the pod, you end up drawing e-liquid back up, and because it doesn’t seal over the bottle, it just ends up spilling out the top of the adapter.

Similarly if you try to position it near the top of the tank, you run into the problem of the narrow but deep hole, and once again you form an airlock… and spill e-liquid all over the pod.


Innokin has some really nice photos of the pod kit in a leather pouch with lanyard.

However in the box you get a really basic lanyard with a small leather type loop that you put the device through. Then I guess you just have to hope it doesn’t fall out? As there’s no way of really tightening it on the device and nothing solid to attach it to.innokin gala lanyard

Also you need to avoid covering the airflow hole that’s on the side of the device. You can at least adjust the length of it.

How Does the Innokin Gala perform?

So after all of that, how does it vape?

Well, I’m pleased to say that the flavour is not bad at all.innokin gala colour LED

I tested both the 0.5Ω pod with the Plex3D Mesh coils and the 0.8Ω with the ceramic coils.

I used my standard 50/50 Berry Ice from Vape Simple at 9mg.

On both of these coils the flavour was pretty good and quite hard to tell the difference at first.

Not a great deal of vapour, which is normal for a device of this type, but a satisfying draw that feels similar to the cigarette.

I did find I was missing a bit of the throat hit that I’m used to from this e-juice, but that softness might suit people vaping 18mg e-liquid a little better.

Unfortunately on only the third day of using it I started to have problems.

The 0.5Ω coil leaked slightly inside the battery. Now this may well have been user error, but I’ve been careful pushing in the tab after filling, as well as cleaning the pod which became necessary due to the messy filling method.innokin gala leak

What’s more inexplicable is I started getting really bad dry hits from the 0.8Ω coil, and this is when it was full of 50/50 e-liquid.

This just should not happen and what I think might be going on is that the tiny air bubbles it produces were collecting near the wicking holes and stopping any fresh e-liquid from getting back into the coil.

Either that or the wicking material in this coil just isn’t up to people taking a few hits in quick succession.

I shook it about, let it rest, but the problem came back after only a few draws every time I tried again.

On both of the pods I also had to keep an eye on my air bubble. It would usually collect on one side so that as you vaped you were running the risk of having one side of the coil not being properly saturated as the air bubble gets bigger.

This was especially true as the two sides of the pod don’t level out their e-liquid levels easily at all.


  • Pretty good flavour
  • It looks nice
  • Well built, feels good in the hand
  • LEDs are kind of cool


  • Filling is a PAIN
  • Dry hits from one pod
  • Short battery life
  • Lanyard not the best

Final Review Verdict

So after my 0.5Ω coil gave out on me I persevered for a while on the 0.8Ω coil, but honestly it was just getting frustrating.

This is especially true as Innokin recommend you don’t vape it to less than a third full.

So with about 1.4ml of useable liquid, a pain to fill, and having to recharge all the time, I can’t see me picking the Innokin Gala pod up again now I’ve reviewed it.

With nice feel, the funky LED light, and the flavour it’s capable of, I was really hoping that it could become a good little shirt pocket pod kit for when I’m out and don’t want to take something more serious with me.

Unfortunately all of its downsides just overwhelm the positives.

Have you used the Innokin Gala Pod System? If so we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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