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Practice shows that not all vapers are couch potatoes and inveterate urbanists, for whom leaving an apartment or office is already a feat. Many vapers love an active lifestyle, preferring a sofa to walk and traveling. That is why manufacturers have drawn attention to the segment of “unkillable” box mods, which are not afraid of moisture, dust, or small bumps. The most striking examples of this are Aegis Legend, Wismec Active, Vandy Vape Swell, which have IP67 protection. Innokin decided to surprise outdoor enthusiasts not only with the protection of the box mod, but also with many useful functions for tourists, so its starter kit MVP5 Ajax Kit saw the light of day. The viper will receive not only a productive box mod but also an interesting multi-functional travel accessory,

General information

Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit is a starter kit consisting of an Ajax Vape Tank atomizer on replaceable evaporators and a box mod with a built-in battery, equipped with a powerful chipset and many auxiliary functions. The box mod is made in a fairly standard form factor, so there will be no special complaints from vapers to it. The chipset that the box mod is equipped with is very functional – there are seven modes of operation to choose from, among which each vaper can choose the best option for himself. In addition to the basic functions, the device is equipped with a flashlight and sensors for measuring temperature, altitude, atmospheric pressure and orientation. Ajax Vape Tank is quite simple, designed for the use of replaceable evaporators, but able to give good taste and bulk. You can buy Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit in five colors – gray, black,


This is not to say that the manufacturer completed this starter kit in a special way, but at the same time, the vaper will get everything to use it immediately after purchase without any difficulties. In the box you can find:

  • Box mod Innokin MVP5 Mod 120W;
  • Atomizer Innokin Ajax Tank;
  • Preinstalled Ajax Plex3D Evaporator Matrix Coil16ohm Atomizer Head;
  • Spare Ajax Plex3D Coil35ohm Atomizer Head;
  • Spare glass;
  • A set of rings
  • USB Type-C charging cable made in the form of a lanyard;
  • User manual and other waste paper.

Atomizer Innokin Ajax Tank

The decision to release starter kits with new atomizers is made by almost all manufacturers of vape devices – this is both an expansion of the assortment and a marketing move. Innokin is no exception – the new MVP5 Ajax Kit is equipped with the new Ajax Tank atomizer. This is not to say that this is bad, because the vaper will get a pretty decent “non-service” that can work in both DTL mode and MTL.

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The Ajax Tank operates on Plex3D series replaceable evaporators, and the kit includes two evaporators with a resistance of 0.16 and 0.35 ohms. But in order to make the atomizer more versatile, the manufacturer provided for the possibility of installing Zenith and Zlide evaporators, so there will be no difficulties with the purchase of evaporators.

Blowing in the tank is implemented lower, adjustable using a standard blowing ring located at the base of the atomizer. To fill 5 ml of liquid, you just need to push the top cover of the tank in a straight line, so that you can access a fairly large hole.

Box mod Innokin MVP5 Mod

It’s worth saying right away that if a vaper wants to get a compact device, then Innokin MVP5 Mod is unlikely to suit him, since the device is quite large and massive, but this is justified by the design features and functionality. The box mod is made in a slightly brutal style by using the ribbed surface of the side panels. The device’s coating is grainy, thanks to which it doesn’t slip out, and this is good news, especially for outdoor enthusiasts who often have to take the device with wet hands.

Due to the fact that Innokin MVP5 Mod is far from a small device, it is possible to install atomizers with a diameter of up to 26 mm on it without special difficulties. And there is one peculiarity – there is an LED flashlight near the connector platform, which is designed to work in the Max, Mid, Min, SOS, Beacon and Strobe modes (not only outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the function, but also ordinary users who need lighting from time to time) . Activating the flashlight is done using a separate remote button located on the bottom of the device.

The maximum power of the device is 120 watts, and it is provided by a built-in battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh. The battery is charged using the USB Type-C connector, hidden by a silicone plug on the side, with a current of 2A. An important point is that the box mod can be used as a powerbank without any special difficulties – at the bottom there is a corresponding micro-USB connector.

The box mod is equipped with a proprietary chipset that will please even advanced users with its functionality, as the device is able to work in modes – VW, TC, Custom Curves, TCR, Memory Slots, Presets for Ajax and Zenith coils, Taste Modes (Normal, Boost and Soft ) It’s really impressive, although it’s not entirely clear how useful these functions are, but they are available. To control the operation of the device is equipped with a large color display and convenient control buttons.

Given that the whale is designed for outdoor enthusiasts, it has a protection class of IP67. If you won’t surprise a viper with a flashlight in the box mod, then the presence of an electronic compass (it’s a little incomprehensible how it works), a barometer, a thermometer and an altimeter will surprise you. These functions work on the sensors built into the mod, but their accuracy raises some doubts.

Conclusions and impressions

It is difficult to say whether Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit is justified by this functionality, since there are a number of questions regarding the quality of work of many functions, but outdoor enthusiasts will definitely appreciate this device. The fact that this starter kit is 100% interesting is a fact, since the vaper will receive a functional, productive and somewhat non-standard kit.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Built-in battery;
  • Not very accurate sensors;
  • Not all functions work out as they should.


  • Original design;
  • Built-in battery of decent capacity;
  • Fast charge;
  • Ability to use as a power-bank;
  • Wide functionality;
  • Built-in flashlight;
  • Altimeter, thermometer, barometer, compass;
  • Large color display;
  • Simple operation
  • Possibility of using evaporators of various types;
  • Large tank;
  • MTL and DTL puff.

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