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Sense Herakles Plus Intro

Today we take a look at the brand new sub ohm tank from Sense, called the Herakles Plus. Spoiler Alert: It’s a gooden!​

Sense are well known for their flagship tank called the Herakles, which currently sits in our “top 5 sub ohm tank ranking chart”. They also have two others, the Hydra and the Cyclone. The Cyclone which we reviewed recently, was a bit of a flop in my eyes, so I am hoping the Herakles Plus is better!

The Herakles Plus looks similar to the Sense Hydra and comes with a top fill function, unique top airflow system and a juice flow control feature. The tank capacity is about 3.5ml and the Herakles Plus comes in either Black or Stainless Steel.

Notable Remarks

Vaping the 0.4ohm Kanthal Coil (Wattage: 35-100W)

Sense Herakles Plus Coil Mesh

COMPATIBILITY NOTE: The coils on the Herakles Plus are not compatible with the original Herakles tank or the Sense Cyclone. This means you will therefore not be able to use your old coils on the Herakles Plus.

Vape setup: Sigelei 150W and Virgin Vapor Razzmatazz 0mg max VG e-juice.

  • 20-40W – Not much going on.
  • 40W – Decent vapor now and a cool vape.
  • 50W – Bigger vapor but still a cool vape and ok flavor.
  • 60W – Flavor starting to come through now and the vapor is warming up nicely.
  • 70W – Amazing clouds and a warmer vape now. The flavor is also very good at 70W and makes for a delightful vape!
  • 80W – Getting a little too warm for me now at this wattage, so I wouldn’t recommend taking the 0.4ohm Kanthal coil any higher than 80W.

My sweet spot for the Herakles Plus 0.4ohm Kanthal head was around 65-70W.

Vaping the 0.2ohm Stainless Steel (316L) Coil (Wattage: 20-80W)

Sense Herakles Plus Coil

Vape setup: Sigelei 150W and Virgin Vapor Razzmatazz 0mg max VG e-juice.

  • 40W – Nothing much happening before 40W. At 40W a cool vape with little clouds and little flavor.
  • 50W – Big clouds now and a slightly warmer vape. Flavor isn’t quite there yet imo.
  • 60W – Massive clouds and the flavor is coming through, but not as much as on the Kanthal coil.
  • 70W – Better flavor now and a warm vape that suits what I like.
  • 80W – Slightly too hot for me now, but the coil is wicking well. The flavor for me isn’t as good as the superb Kanthal coil.

My sweet spot for the Herakles Plus 0.2ohm 316L head was around 70W.



Unique Top Air Flow

Sense Herakles Plus Top Airflow/Delrin Drip-Tip

The top air flow systems on most sub ohm tanks are built into the drip tips and as such the additional air flow does not touch the coil and at best helps keep the vapor cool. The additional air flow through the drip tip does however, have a detrimental effect on flavor. The new air flow system on the Herakles Plus promises not to hurt flavor, as the air taken in from the top actually goes down a separate chamber in the chimney and hits the top of the coil. It is a unique feature and makes for a very enjoyable vape. When vaping with the top air flow open, it didn’t feel like the extra air impacted flavor at all. It seems that the new top air flow system does it’s job well!

Juice Flow Control

Sense Herakles Plus Airflow/On-Off Switch for Top Fill

The final version of the Herakles Plus features a juice flow control. This should be completely shut off when re-filling the tank from the top. This ensures the Herakles Plus does not leak. It also allows you to close off the juice flow slightly, should you be using higher PG e-juices or a 50/50 blend.


For me the Herakles Plus 0.4ohm Kanthal coil head was exceptional and was right up there with the Uwell Crown and TFV4, our two favorite sub ohm tanks thus far for flavor. The 0.2ohm SS head, for me, wasn’t quite as good as the Kanthal head was, but was still made for an enjoyable vape.


The Herakles Plus, like most sub ohm tanks chucks massive clouds. Even at 40-50W this things absolutely chucks clouds. If you are a cloud chaser you will not be disappointed by the Herakles Plus.

Top Fill

Sense Herakles Plus Top Fill

The top fill is easy to use on the Herakles Plus and is a must have feature given it’s rather limited 3.5ml tank capacity.



We experienced some spit-back on both of the coils we tried when vaping them for the first ⅓ of a tank. The Kanthal coil seemed to spit-back more than the 0.2ohm SS coil. This was quite unpleasant, especially at higher wattages where the e-juice can get really hot and burn your tongue! The spit-back did stop after having vaped through the first ⅓ of a tank and the coils became fully primed and “vaped in”.

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity isn’t the biggest and at 3.5ml it is at the lower end of the sub ohm tank market when it comes to e-juice capacity. I would have liked to have seen an extra 1 – 1.5ml in the tank, given the amount of e-juice it gets through.


This tank has been getting a lot of hype from quite a few Youtube reviewers and for good reason. The Herakles Plus has a unique top air flow system, which works well and the tank produces fantastic flavor and vapor. The vape is really smooth and the air flow provides you with a lovely wide open draw.​

The big question is how does it stack up against other sub ohm tanks and does it make our top 5? The original Herakles was outstanding and sits in 4th place on our top 5 list. The Herakles Plus, although it uses different coils, does what the Herakles does well and produces fantastic flavor and clouds. The Herakles Plus has three major improvements over the original, namely its top air flow system, top fill and juice flow control system. It is therefore a considerable improvement on the original and also provides more than the Silo Beast which we currently have in 3rd place. Does it top the TFV4 and Crown though? I think in terms of an affordable vape experience the Herakles Plus beats the TFV4, largely because the TFV4 coils are just so expensive (RBA is another story). Is the Herakles Plus better than the Crown? Because of the limited tank capacity, initial spit-back and lack of an RBA section, I can’t rate it higher than the Crown. In terms of the vape experience, it is right up there on the same level with the Crown, but overall I still feel the Crown does enough to beat the Herakles Plus to the number one spot.​

Overall the Herakles Plus is a fantastic sub ohm tank and I can highly recommend it to those looking for a sub ohm tank that produces great flavor and clouds. I also think it looks pretty awesome in black!

Now It’s Available :

Sense Herakles 3 Sub Ohm Tank 4.5ml

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