Review of Smoant Battlestar 200W

Smoant Battlestar 200w

Intro:  Smoant Battlestar 200W is an innovative box mod, coming in eight different color schemes!

I’ve once analyzed that due to the lack of new technology support, 2016 will witness the race of appearance and function in the e-cig market, on which condition multi-function, easy operation and beautiful appearance will become the new standard for the consumers to select devices. In the aspect of appearance, there are mainly two developing directions: one is the feeling of science and technology, another is Retro Style.

Smoant, the sub-brand of Cloupor, has launched a new e-cig product called Battlestar previously, which has strong sci-fi color about it from the appearance to the name.

This dual-18640 200W box has become a focus of attention because of not only its eye-catching appearance, but also its 200W maximum power—could a dual-18650 device really produce the power as high as 200W? What is the output effect of Battlestar? What about its craftsmanship? As I recently has received its sample for test, here I would like to reveal the answers to the above questions for you.

Smoant Battlestar 200w

Battlestar 200W adopts paper packaging, whose color scheme is good. The main features of Battlestar is explicitly marked on the paper box: small, compact and ergonomic.

On the yellow back face there are more detailed information about the mod.

Smoant Battlestar 200w
Smoant Battlestar 200w

Inside the box there is a Battlestar 200W mod, a bilingual card, a handbook and an accessory box that contains a USB cable and a box of standby magnets.

Smoant Battlestar 200w

There are totally eight alternative colors, and the sample I received is in yellow and black

Battlestar, similar to WISMEC RX200, adopts the triangle design that could make the best use of space to reduce the size of the mod. Its appearance is very consistent with its name Battlestar, of which the yellow body and black buttons look conspicuous.

The surface of the mod uses anti-proof and wear-resistant rubber paint, ensuring good grip feeling. But some corners’ painting face remains to improve. Nevertheless, the overall stability of the mod is good.

Smoant Battlestar 200w

Battlestar 200W adopts the spring 510 connector, which takes up more than half area of the mod’s top. The three grooves around the 510 connector are not appropriate, because they may lead the e-juice leaked from the atomizer into the connector.

The operation area of the mod is regular, where the fire button is above the screen and the adjusting buttons are integrated into one single button.

The sides of the body have some simple ornamental moldings, and the black battery jar cover also makes the mod less monotonous. To facilitate the heat dissipation of the chip and batteries, there are several venting holes for them.

On the bottom of the mod there are also four venting holes for the chip.

The protective pasting on the screen could effectively protect it from scraping.

Smoant Battlestar 200w

The battery jar is fixed to the body through eight magnets. It adopts the snap joint design, thus the connection is compact and firm. The craftsmanship and material of the battery jar are also quality. The two batteries are in series, and the positive poles use spring contact.

Maybe it was for the overall effect of the mod, there is no gaps around the battery jar cover for the convenience of opening. For that reason, it may be a little bit difficult to open the cover using our finger nails like usual.

Smoant Battlestar 200w

The right approach is to hold the mod using one hand, and put another hand’s thumb, index finger and middle finger on the venting holes of the cover, then pull outward hard to open the cover. It really need great strength.

Smoant Battlestar 200w

Battlestar 200’s screen display is comprehensive, which consists of the electric quantity, the modes, the power, the resistance, the real-time output voltage and the temperature if under the TC mode.

Smoant Battlestar 200w

Battlestar 200’s operation is very easy. Just press the power button three times in succession to call up the function menu, and press the adjusting button to shift and press the power button to confirm.

Besides the normal VW output, Battlestar also supports the TC modes for Ni200, Ti, SS and NiCr and provides three TCR presets for the users to self-define the TC material.

Smoant Battlestar 200w

Many vapers doubt that whether two 18650 batteries could really produce the power as high as 200W, though SMOK’s dual-battery H-PRIV 220W has previously been proved to have the same performance as DNA200 under the power of 200W.

To address this issue, I’ve made a professional comparison test. I compared the vapor effect of Battlestar 200W and DR200 by using the same atomizer and batteries and ensuring the 100% charge status during the test.

Through the picture we could see that Battlestar is inferior to DR200 in vapor volume. Moreover, under 200W, Battlestar has nearly 0.5 second’s latency after firing.

In fact, many VW mods have this kind of latency. I think that it’s because most VM mods’ menu and settings are also called up by the power button, therefore it has to leave some time for the chip to react accurately to your command.

Since the invention of e-cig, the functions and performances of the devices have all changed a lot, but the operation of most devices still continues the initial method—press the power button five times in succession to power on or lock the device, and press three times in succession to enter into the setting menu.

Though some mods specially added the function button to simplify the operation, they have not forms the mainstream.

In fact the increasing of a function button is much humanized. It could reduce many tedious steps, save the latency time of the chip and accelerate the device’s reaction time. Though there is possibility of mistakenly touch, but it do more good than harm.

Smoant Battlestar 200w

Actual Experience: 

  1. Appearance

Battlestar 200W’s triangle structure reduces the mod’s size. Its dimension of 8.4cm*3cm*4cm is competitive even among single-battery mods. The mod grips comfortable no matter in what way.

After being installed with two batteries and an atomizer, Battlestar 200W’s weight is still moderate, and it is small and convenient to carry.

Smoant Battlestar 200w
  1. Performance

As for the output, each person has his own requirements and judgment standard. I don’t have professional test instruments to test the authenticity of its claimed 200W output, but you guys could refer to vapor comparison between it and DNA200 above.

In the aspect of temp control, I’ve used several sub ohm atomizers to experience the NI, TI and SS modes, and I found that the coils’ heat-up speed is fast, the output is continuous and there is no apparent impulse. The effect is similar to dual-battery mods.


Battlestar’s resistance detecting is accurate, and the data is very close to that of the detecting software.

Smoant Battlestar 200w
  1. Ease of Use

Battlestar 200W operation is easy:

Press the power button five times in succession to power on/off; press the power button three times to enter the setting menu; press the adjusting button to shift; and press the fire button to confirm. After the atomizer is installed, the confirm menu will pop up automatically—press “+” to set new resistance and press “-” to set the original resistance.

Long press the two sides of the adjusting button simultaneously to change the screen orientation; long press the fire button and “+” to change into the “black character and black background” mode for the purpose of looking clearly the screen under hard light.

Long press all the buttons to lock the power and temperature setting to avoid mistakenly pressing that may change the parameters.

Under the TC mode, long press the power mode and “+” to set the maximum output power.

But the mod don’t have the function of locking the device, therefore we have to power off to avoid the mistakenly touching while putting it into the bag.

Generally speaking, Battlestar’s operation is simple enough even for newbies.

Smoant Battlestar 200w

As a small size dual-18650 200W mod that has special appearance and good color scheme, Battlestar 200W is a cost-effective product among like mods.

  1. Disadvantages
  2. The corners’ painting face may easily peel off if scraped with hard matter, therefore try not to place the mod with hard things like keys, mobile phones and coins. But the overall painting of the mod is firm.
  3. The grooves around the 510 connector may lead the leaking e-juice inward, thus frequent cleaning is needed. The 510 positive pole is a little too high, thus it may produce gaps between the mod and the atomizers whose bottom electrodes is projecting.
  4. The battery jar cover is difficult to open due to the lack of slot design.

In Summary, Smoant Battlestar 200w box mod is especially unique in appearance and the performance is also satisfying!Worth trying!

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