Wismec Luxotic Review – Cheap Luxurious Designed Bottom Feeder

Wismec Luxotic Review: Background

From the creator of one of the most famous and mostly used Vaping Device around the world, which is the RX Box Mod Series . The Wismec Company has finally joined the game of ‘Squonking‘, the newest trend in box mods, where the e-liquid refilling is done by bottom feeding from the mod itself.

The newest addition to their product list, the Wismec Luxotic BF Box Mod , the goal is to create a Luxurious box mod with exotic materials with a cheaper price. I was excited when I knew they are releasing this device, as I am a big fan of Squonk Mods (Bottom Feeders).

wismec luxotic review background
Luxurious Design of Wismec Luxotic BF Box Mod

What’s in the Box?

What will you get on Wismec Luxotic Box Mod Package?

  • 1x Wismec Luxotic BF Box Mod
  • 7.5ml Squonk Bottle
  • User Manual
wismec luxotic review package

Key Features: Wismec Luxotic Review

What are the key features of Wismec Luxotic BF Box Mod?

Wismec Luxotic BF Box Mod

  • 7.5ml Squonk Bottle – This is a big capacity of E-Liquid for a Squonk Bottle, as regular bottles from other bottom feeder box mods only have 6ml of capacity. A great advantage that Wismec Luxotic BF Box has.
  • Exotic Door Material – This what Wismec Company is talking about including exotic material in their vaping device, you can choose from different materials like colorful marble-like Resin and honeycomb styled Ultem materials.
  • Easy Refilling – One of the biggest advantages of Luxotic BF Box Mod is having a design which will provide an easy access when refilling your Squonk bottle, a magnetic bottom door will be removed then pulling down the squonk bottle for refilling.
wismec luxotic review feature
  • Replaceable Side Cover – You have an option to replace the included slide cover with different exotic material. Hopefully, they will release more color combination user’s to choose.

Design: Wismec Luxotic Review

The Wismec Luxotic BF Box Mod is very cheap for being a bottom feeder/squonk mod that has a large portion of Resin material on its body, you can already have the feeling of having a high-end Vaping Device. This kind of designs to other manufacturers, be prepared to have a budget of $100 minimum and up to thousands of dollars just to have this nice little masterpiece.

When it comes to functionality, Wismec has nailed it again. Jaybo (Founder of Wismec) took his time thinking of what a Bottom Feeder box mod should have, he included a bottom magnetic access door for us to disassemble the squonk bottle easily for refilling it with E-Liquid.

wismec luxotic review design
Luxury + Exotic

Performance: Wismec Luxotic Review

My first impression before doing my Wismec Luxotic Review, at first look, I thought they have already created a Full Mechanical Bottom Feeder, but I wasn’t disappointed at all knowing that it can provide a good maximum power.

The Wismec Luxotic BF box mod has a 100 watts of maximum output, this is powerful with only a single external 18650 Battery powering up this device. This can already fire up any possible Sub-Ohm resistance builds, but I would suggest using a Single Coil atomizer with single coil builds, this way you can save battery life and avoid stressing it, one more benefit from this is you can get a good flavor out of your E-Liquid.

wismec luxotic review performance
Single Coil Performance on a Single Battery BF Mod

Wismec Luxotic Box Mod VS Similar Mods

What is the key difference of Wismec Luxotic box mod to other similar Mods?

  • Geekvape Athena box mod vs Wismec Luxotic BF box mod – The Geekvape Athena has a power of a Full Mechanical device while the Wismec Luxotic has a maximum of 100 watts, both of them will be good in terms of pwerformance.
  • Fuchai Squonk 213 vs Wismec Luxotic BF box mod – The Fuchai Squonk 213 is a regulated bottom feeder while the Wismec Luxotic box mod is something like a semi-mechanical mod with 100 watts of power.

Final Thoughts: Wismec Luxotic Review

As I am expecting this is yet another vaping device that I could personally use, with good overall design and also a great performance. The Wismec Luxotic BF Box Mod  is a true beauty with a cheaper price, I am an avid follower of vaping manufacturers producing this amazing masterpiece by using exotic materials, but it would be too expensive for me to buy this awesome mod if I can get it for a cheaper price but with the same performance.

This would probably be included in our Best Vape Mod List and can be crowned as the 2018 Best Squonk Mod.

The new luxotic kit has been released,click here to know:wismec luxotic DF box mod kit 

Now It’s Available :Wismec Luxotic BF BOX 100W Kit with Tobhino BF RDA

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